Friday, September 16, 2022

Some of the participants who reached landmark participation numbers at the 200th Tullow Park Run. Photo:

A RARE bit of rain couldn’t spoil the fun at Tullow Parkrun, as the long-running community event celebrated its 200th run.

Tullow Parkrun at Rathwood has been going since 2017 and has run every week bar during the covid-19 pandemic.

It’s been a running joke that it never rains at the Tullow Parkrun, but that myth was dispelled on Saturday 3 September. Regardless, 80 men, women and children ran and walked the 5kms distance. Rathwood’s Patrick Keogh kindly offered free tea or coffee in the Merry Tree restaurant to mark the occasion.

Myles Balfe of Tullow Parkrun summed up the day and reflected on the 200 runs.

“We had a good craic at it. We have that core group of 30 who attend and a good few families as well. You are seeing people at it who started single, got married and bring the kids now.”

A broad spectrum of people have taken part in the events including Olympian Lizzy Lee and Dublin city marathon winners. There also the two Marys (Donohoe and Fanning), who are stalwarts of the event and tail walk most weeks so no one is ever last.

Myles added: ‘‘Whether it’s 10 people or 150 people, we’ll still be out there running Parkrun for anyone who needs it.”

The Parkrun is run by a pool of volunteers who ensure the free event runs every week.

Walkers are also very welcome at Tullow Parkrun to get their weekend off to a perfect start.

“It’s all about getting out and being active,” said Myles. “Whether people have come from Australia or South Africa, they always say the route is fantastic. It’s soft underfoot and you are running through fields and woods. We are also spoiled with Rathwood and the Merry Tree restaurant. We go up afterwards for a cup of tea, coffee and a chat. It’s a big part of it.”

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