Friday, September 16, 2022

The French embassy in Dublin has advised newcomers to Ireland to be extra vigilant for scams when looking for somewhere to live.

The embassy said Ireland is currently experiencing a “severe housing crisis” and that new arrivals face “significant difficulties in finding accommodation”.

In advice posted on its website, the embassy said the “strong demand” and “saturation” of the rental market have led to a sharp increase in rents, “which are currently much more expensive than in Paris, including shared accommodation”.

“It is therefore advisable for people planning to settle in Ireland to allow sufficient time for this search for accommodation (which can take several weeks),” it said.

The French foreign ministry also called for great vigilance “in the face of the risk of scams on the various ad sites”.

It advised new arrivals not to sign a contract or pay a deposit without having previously visited the accommodation and met the owner/real estate agency.

“It is essential to have solid financial guarantees and, if possible, certificates of payment of rent from your previous owners (reference letter) in order to be able to present a rental file,” the advice added.

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