Monday, October 31, 2022

HAVING successfully completed the 12 County Tour of Leinster over the pre-season, where the squad visited 12 locations in two action-packed days, Leo Cullen has confirmed that the squad are once again hitting the road.

Leinster Rugby will take their training away from UCD and Energia Park, as an open training session has been announced for Tullow RFC, on Thursday 10 November.

Cullen and his squad will hold an open training session from 2.30pm in the home of Leinster’s contact skills coach Seán O’Brien.

Leinster Contact skills coach Sean O’Brien and will bring the Leinster team to his home club Tullow RFC for an open training session on Thursday 10 November
Photo: ©INPHO/Evan Treacy

This will be an opportunity for the public to meet with Cullen, his coaches and players as well as to see them training up close.

“After a great 12 County Tour during the summer where we were welcomed with open arms in the schools, clubs and colleges that we visited, we are all looking forward to getting back out there again.

“We missed those opportunities so much during Covid, to meet the great people in our clubs, our schools and our communities. Not just the supporters missing from our games but the people on the ground. The volunteers and the coaches, the referees, the parents supporting the kids and bringing them to minis and training and matches. It’s important for us to get out and meet them.

“That connection between us, as a team, and the supporters and our communities, is crucial and we have enjoyed that being back during the off-season and now again at games during the season with things like the new fan zone at the RDS before and after games.

“It’s been great and this is just another element to that and us getting out there and where better than to Seánie’s home where I’m sure there will be a brilliant welcome for him and all the lads.”

Local hero, Seán O’Brien, was similarly looking forward to the event and welcoming the team back home.

“I’m looking forward to it. Everyone knows how passionate I am and invested I am still in Tullow and what that club did for me and the support they still give to me to this day, so it’s great to bring the lads down there and to give something back.

“It’s important for us to get out there. The clubs and the Shane Horgan Cup player pathway for lads or Sarah Robinson Cup for girls is a crucial part of the system in Leinster and days like this help to inspire the next generation.

“It’s about families and communities at the end of the day and what people do in clubs up and down the country, day in day out and week in, week out and it’s the same in Tullow.

“I think of the Browne family, the O’Brien family and the Canavans. Brilliant people. And they will enjoy having the lads down. Everyone will. It’ll be great and hopefully the weather plays ball.”

The open training session will take place in Tullow RFC on their 4G pitch, on Thursday, 10 November at 2.30pm.

There will be opportunities for autographs and photography with the players and coaches after the training session but everyone is welcome to attend.

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