Sunday, November 13, 2022

James Cox

Elon Musk has refuted reports Irish Twitter staff are not allowed to work from home.

It was reported this week employees are now required to be in the office at least 40 hours a week.

Responding to a tweet criticising the policy and highlighting the difficulty of moving to Dublin at such short notice for staff who live outside the capital in the current housing climate, Mr Musk said the claims are “false”.

Mr Musk wrote: “This is false. Anyone who can be in office, should be. However, if not logistically possible or they have essential personal matters, then staying home is fine.

“Working remotely is also ok if their manager vouches for excellence. Same policy as Tesla & SpaceX.”

Employment law solicitor Anne O’Connell said many companies want employees back in the office, but Mr Musk’s lack of communication is causing upset.

Ms O’Connell told Newstalk: “Most companies would have already introduced returning to work policy after Covid, and I know some companies are having difficulties in getting employees back to work.

“In every single contract of employment it does state where the location of work is, it will be in the offices.”

In a recent interview, Dublin-based employment law solicitor Richard Grogan told “I fully expect there will be a number of unfair dismissal claims, particularly those who will want their job back rather than a monetary payout.”

Mr Grogan added: “The position is, normally in a disciplinary matter if you’ve broken procedures you can rectify them privately to the very last stage.”

Mr Grogan said when it comes to collective redundancy you have to get it right from day one, and he believes Twitter “haven’t got it right”.

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