Sunday, November 13, 2022



Braden Walker as Harry Potter was pictured on the treasure hunt during the Visual art centre’s family fun day in the grounds of Carlow College

The Huang family pictured on the treasure hunt

Matthew Huang leads the way

Members of the Brannigan and Mulhall family pictured on the treasure hunt

Billy Ryan and his son Ollie with Ben Grufferty

Angela Mahon and her daughter Hazel

Tetiana Lysovets and her family

Alll smiles were Michelle and Ava Thorpe with Éibhín Keating

Teresa Agar and her daughter Aisling Wogan

Maria Rodiakova as Maleficent duringVisual’s family fun day

Alex and Emily Berry

Emily Johnson helps her son Rowan to navigate the treasure trail

Busker Keir Kelly-Garvey

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