Wednesday, November 16, 2022
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 The €1,000 PRSI Grant is currently available to all individuals, including the self-employed, retired persons and their dependent spouses, who have made the requisite PRSI contributions.

  • The Purpose of the PRSI Grant is to enable qualifying persons obtain Hearing Aids from private providers such as Carlow Hearing thus avoiding the need to go on a long waiting list for HSE (Medical card) aids.
  • You can claim for a new €1,000 grant every four years so you can update your technology at little or no cost.



 NO DELAYS: There are NO Delays or Waiting Lists.

  • COSTS: Our standard range PRSI Hearing Aids are provided Free of Charge. Your PRSI Grant pays the FULL Cost.
  • FREE Hearing Test and Follow-Up Care: Carlow Hearing will give you a Free Hearing Test and follow-up appointments to fit the hearing aids and to ensure you are coping well with them.
  • QUALITY TECHNOLOGY: All our hearing aids are designed and built by leading manufacturers. They are all extremely discreet and comfortable to wear and come with a long term warranty of up to 4 years
  • EXTRA BENEFITS: We also provide an extensive range of the worlds latest and best hearing aids most of which are now rechargeable and encompass Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones etc. You can use your grant as part payment towards the cost of these brilliant new technologies .
  • AND FINALLY: The huge and over-riding Benefit of treating your Hearing Loss is that you will Hear Better which will enhance your quality of life.


If you would like to know if you qualify for the grant please drop in to our clinic in Hanover House, Carlow Town or call us on  059-9137670.

If, following the hearing test, you proceed to order hearing aids, we will handle the entire grant process on your behalf.


ABOUT CARLOW HEARING                         

Carlow Hearing are  Independent Irish Owned Hearing Aid Specialists. We offer a wide choice of the worlds Best Hearing Aids at prices starting from FREE (If you are eligible for PRSI Benefit)

Call into our clinic on Hanover Road (across from Aldi Hanover) or ring us on

 059-9137670 for your FREE CONSULTATION.

We are open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

Donal Keane FdSc HAA MISHAAS



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