Saturday, November 19, 2022

Kenneth Fox

Minister of Justice Helen McEntee, in her speech to the Fine Gael Ardfheis, has blasted Sinn Féin as “a party full of hypocrites”.

As the Irish Examiner reports, speaking ahead of Tánaiste Leo Varadkar’s speech to delegates, Ms McEntee said the “dangers of Sinn Féin are clear”.

“They are a party of hypocrites who block local housing,” said Ms McEntee. “A party who cynically want to keep people down — just so they can go up in polls.”

Mr McEntee claimed that Mary Lou McDonald’s party “cannot be trusted”.

“Who in Europe would Sinn Féin speak to — or should I say, shout at? They’d isolate Ireland in the EU through their alliances with fringe groups, extremists, eccentrics, and Putin sympathisers.

“Sinn Féin asks the Irish people to trust them. To trust the defenders of murder and mayhem. To trust a party which refuses to return donations from gangland criminals.

“To trust a party which won’t support the court bringing these gangland thugs to justice. To trust a party which only last night celebrated the career of a man who proudly picked up a Garda killer from prison. Sinn Féin cannot be trusted.

On Varadkar, who will become Taoiseach again next month, Ms McEntee said that he had led the country “through the darkest days”.

“Leo led our country in the most difficult of times — through Brexit, through the darkest days of Covid. We face a period of war and uncertainty abroad and anxiety at home.

“With his experience and his judgment, I know he will again lead our country with determination and vision.”

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