Thursday, November 24, 2022


Offers of accommodation for 60 Ukrainian refugees by two Carlow property owners have not been taken up by the state according to Deputy Jennifer Murnane O’Connor.

Deputy O’Connor made the claim in a recent Dáil debate describing accommodation for refugees as a “huge issue”.

“Two property owners in Carlow and Tullow have come to me who can accommodate 60 refugees, and despite my intervention and going to all the areas to see where I can help, I have still received no word. That is going on months.

“I am concerned that morale will go if we are not seen to be working with people who own properties. It is the same with people who have houses and are looking to accommodate families. There seems to be a lack of communication. How do we address it better.”

Deputy O’Connor welcomed the appointments of directors of services for Ukrainians in local authorities but believed a big flaw was that they did not work within the accommodation centre.

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