Friday, November 25, 2022

James Cox

Black Friday may have originated in the United States, but it is very much part of the Irish shopping calendar now.

It kicks off the Christmas sales season, and deals have been available online and in store in the days leading up to Friday as well.

People have been visiting shops around the country in large numbers today as they look to find the best bargains.

CEO of Dublin Town Richard Guiney said: “I think it will busy, footfall in the city centre has been trending in the right direction recently.

“It will be a good Christmas and Black Friday is part-and-parcel of Christmas retail now.”

Mike Cowen, head of experience with Mastercard, has said online scams will be prevelant in today’s Black Friday sales.

Figures from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, show eagle-eyed discount shoppers will spend an average of €400 as part of today’s events.

Speaking to Newstalk, Mr Cowen outlined what to look out for when ordering from unfamiliar sites.

“Don’t just believe your eyes, check things like the URL on the browser, the website address on the browser, make sure it matches what the website purports to be. Look at it very carefully as well, some of them will use a name or address to a merchant or retailer, but one that is very similar and not the same.”

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