Saturday, December 03, 2022


By Suzanne Pender

ACCESS around the historic Duckett’s Grove is undergoing a welcome upgrade, but entry inside the site remains a source of contention.

At a recent meeting of Carlow municipal district, area engineer Barry Knowles confirmed that an upgrade of existing trails and footpaths at Duckett’s Grove was undergoing a “complete upgrade” to also include the wooded area, a full trail around the house, new seating and a car park to the front of the house.

Cllr Fergal Browne asked that the work also include a plaque explaining the origins and significance of the Carlow Fence, which is evidence at Duckett’s Grove.

“I’m baffled that still access to inside Duckett’s Grove is closed. It was something that happened a few years ago overnight and there’s no logic to it,” stated cllr Browne.

“I would ask that we get a health and safety audit on it with a view to reopening it. People loved going in and having a look inside the place,” he added.

Mr Knowles confirmed that he would look at signage for the Carlow Fence. In terms of access to the house, he stated he would have a look at carrying out a risk assessment report on it.

“I would ask that the risk assessment report be done for the January meeting,” replied cllr Browne.


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