Monday, January 09, 2023

By PA Reporter

Monday’s front pages focus on the vigil in Cork for Brazilian woman Bruna Fonseca who died on New Year’s Day in the city. Ireland’s struggling health system is also under the microscope as well.

The Irish Times lead with the news that about 1,000 nursing home beds lie empty across the State, according to a new survey.

The Irish Examiner lead with a piece which says the asylum system will have to be expanded to include a new category for people fleeing the effects of climate change.

The Echo also lead with the vigil for Bruna Foncesca in Cork who was remembered as a ‘beloved daughter and sister’.



Meanwhile, the Monday papers focus on the first of Harry’s interviews promoting his new autobiography.

The Daily Telegraph leads on an accusation from Harry that the Prince and Princess of Wales stereotyped the Duchess of Sussex.

The duke’s comments that royals are “complicit” in Meghan’s pain are featured on The Times and the Daily Mail.

The Sun and the Daily Express focus on Harry saying that he and his wife did not call his family racist, instead explaining he believed they held “unconscious bias”.

Meanwhile, Metro focuses on the King’s apparently calm state of mind amid the reporting of his son’s new book.

Elsewhere, The Independent and The Guardian report the Prime Minister has prompted “optimism” over talks with NHS workers by signalling the Government may be willing to concede on pay.

The Daily Mirror reports the PM will not reveal whether he has a private doctor, while the i writes that a quarter of adults in A and E are there because they could not see a GP.

Bolstered military ties between the US and Japan are front of the Financial Times.

And the Daily Star reports balding may be cured by the discovery of a “cave-man gene”.

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