Thursday, January 12, 2023


By Suzanne Pender

A LOCAL councillor has blasted the Carlow businesses who are “not pulling their weight” when it comes to tackling the problem of litter and called on the council to get tougher on these blackspots for once and for all.

Cllr Adrienne Wallace made the call following the latest IBAL report, which saw Carlow placed in 25th place out of 40 towns across the country when it comes to litter standards.

The People Before Profit councillor said overall this IBAL report is a great result for Carlow, which regained a ‘clean’ status, adding that our council workers and community clean-up groups such as Clean Carlow and Tidy Towns deserve a lot of recognition for their work in helping Carlow regain a ‘clean’ status.

“The IBAL report noted significantly improved sites, which had previously brought down the overall town ranking, like the Potato Market, Liberty Tree and Askea bottle bank,” said cllr Wallace.

“Carlow council should continue to support this work by hiring more outdoor workers, as there is a gap in labour that needs to be addressed.”

Cllr Wallace said it was great to see improvement in the car park at Penny Lane and Homesavers, adding that both businesses deserve recognition for this.

“However, the car park at Mr Price has seen no great improvement over a long number of years. I have consistently raised this at a local level and the council has already engaged with the business on multiple occasions,” she said.

“The council must now seriously consider taking legal action against any premises that is hosting heavily littered sites. If this was an individual caught fly-tipping or littering, then the council would not hesitate to initiate formal action; no business should be above the law,” said cllr Wallace.

“It is an eyesore and could very well negatively affect small and medium businesses in the area that are trying to attract new customers.”

Cllr Wallace pointed out that when IBAL first started 20 years ago, Carlow was in first place.

“It is time for Carlow council to get tougher on litter-lout businesses so that Carlow can regain that title,” she concluded.


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