Friday, January 20, 2023


By Suzanne Pender

THE condition of the Barrow Track at St Mullins was described as “Third World stuff”, with almost 2km of potholes marring the scenic site.

Cllr Tommy Kinsella raised the issue as last week’s meeting of Carlow County Council and called on Waterways Ireland to act immediately to repair the Barrow Track.

“From St Mullins to the first lough, a distance of about 2km, there’s potholes … you have three people living there and a business. No courier will go down there,” said cllr Kinsella.

Cllr Kinsella pointed out that the Barrow Track was not the responsibility of the council, but called on officials to “use their influence” to insist that waterways Ireland carry out the repair work.

“It’s absolutely frightening … Third World stuff there, so maybe you could see that something would be done about it,” he said.

Acting chief executive Michael Rainey confirmed that the council had met representatives of Waterways Ireland before Christmas and had “some discussions about future planning” in relation to the Barrow Track

“They gave us a commitment that they would make available a letter setting out their intentions,” said Mr Rainey, adding that he hoped this is a matter that would then be considered by council members at their February meeting.

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