Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Pictured at the Spring workshop of the Irish Tillage and Land Use society (ITLUS) took place in Teagasc Crops Research Centre, Oak Park, Carlow recently. l-r Richie Hackett, Crop Agronomy Researcher, Teagasc; Louise McNamara, Entomology Researcher, Teagasc, Deirdre Doyle, Agronomy Technologist, Teagasc & ITLUS President; Coleman Purcell, Dairygold; Shane O’Connell, Brandon Bioscience and John Mahon, Teagasc

The spring workshop of the Irish Tillage and Land Use society (ITLUS) took place in Teagasc Oak Park recently. ITLUS president and Teagasc technologist, Deirdre Doyle welcomed the tillage growers, agronomists and industry personnel who attended the meeting.  

She said: “ITLUS is an organisation that strives to promote the tillage sector and throughout this year we will be providing information on a range of different topics that are of particular interest to farmers and industry at the time. We will be trying to communicate information out to members through our calendar of events, in an easily accessible way.”  

The spring workshop last week at the Teagasc Crops research centre in Oak Park, Carlow, attracted a great turn out, with plenty of people willing to travel to the event to listen to the different speakers.  There first three presentations at the event were Dr Richie Hackett, Teagasc, who discussed alternatives to using CAN fertiliser for 2023. Shane O’Connell from Brandon Bioscience spoke about innovations that could be applied to try increase nitrogen use efficiency in crop production. Coleman Purcell, Dairygold, discussed the value of using Irish grown beans in animal feed rations. 

There were two outdoor sessions at the Crops Research Centre, where Dr Louise McNamara, Teagasc Entomologist, and Teagasc Walsh Scholar Jack Perry showed the crowd two types of aphid suction towers and yellow traps.

At the second outdoor session of the ITLUS workshop, John Mahon, Teagasc, showed a weed screen trial and went through a range of different herbicide programmes to demonstrate the control of a wide range of grass weeds. 

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