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Jake Doyle and Shaun Hennessy, collectively known as Jaek, have a winning combination in making music



By Elizabeth Lee

TWO musicians from Carlow have scored a number one single on iTunes and look set to breach the official Irish Top 40, even though this is only the third track they’ve released!

Jake Doyle and Shaun Hennessy, both from Carlow town, started writing together during the pandemic and formed a band, Jaek, to release new material.

Their single, ***Waiting for the sun***, was released at the end of February and within days it began to garner more and more streams until it reached the top slot on iTunes.

Shaun had originally written the song almost as a joke, as a pastiche of TikTok favourite Charlie Puth. He and Jake bounced the tune and lyrics back and forth to each other before Shaun sent it to Cork-based producer Goldie Bronson. Goldie and musician Caleb Hepi then came to Co Carlow to record the track properly and, hey presto, ***Waiting for the sun*** was born!

“I really didn’t think it would be successful, I started writing it as a joke TikTok-type song,” said a delighted Shaun. The song has been chosen as single of the week in several radio stations across the country and has got some plays on Red FM, Spin FM and Beat FM.

Shaun and Jake must have a winning musical combo because their very first single ***C’est la vie*** was also selected as single of the week on Today FM during last summer, while their second outing, ***If you’re ready***, is currently track of the week on Beat FM!

Both young musicians hail from Carlow town, with Shaun being the son of music director Ollie Hennessy, while Jake packed in a successful career in hospitality to focus on kick-starting a musical career!

To listen to ***Waiting for the sun*** go to


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