Friday, March 03, 2023

Steve Lennon will be in action in the UK Open on Friday
Photo: by Luke Walker/Getty Images

“Scuba” Steve Lennon has enjoyed a strong start to the season so far and is hoping to carry his form into the first TV Major of the season, the UK Open this weekend, commonly known as the FA Cup of Darts. Lennon says he’s happy with how well his season has started so far. “Yeah quite happy so far with how I’ve played. Qualified for 2 out of 4 European tours to start the year off so that was a good start. Feel quite good. Draws haven’t been kind to me but I’ve still managed to play well and get some great results under my belt so far. Once I continue like that I’ll be happy, it’s still good progress.” He added that he’s looking forward to an event that he’s traditionally done quite well in. “. I love the UK Open. The format of the complete open draw (FA Cup Style) is really what makes it so unique. I’ve played well before here and I’m playing well now. So if I can continue playing well then with a bit of luck it’ll be a good weekend I’ve never actually played Kleermaker on tour before to my knowledge but .a good player so I need to be at my best. To be honest I want to play to the best of my ability. That’s all I can really ask of myself. Just keep beating whoever is put in front of me would be the target and fingers crossed things go well and try get as far as I can.”

Lennon faces Dutchman, Martijn Kleermaker this afternoon in round 3. The tournament is live on ITV 4 with selected matches live. Lennon’s match is unlikely to be live but should he get through, there is a greater chance that it will be.

By Harry Shorthose

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