Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Michael Bolton

Homeless charity Focus Ireland has criticised the decision to lift the ban on no-fault evictions, labelling it a mistake.

The eviction ban is set to expire on March 31st, despite calls from opposition parties to extend it. The ban was introduced in November in the hope of reducing homelessness, but numbers have continued to rise.

The latest figures show there are a record total of 11,754 people homeless, which includes nearly 3,500 children.

Following a meeting of the three coalition leaders and the Minister for Housing, Darragh O’Brien, on Monday night, it is understood the recommendation is to let the current legislation lapse.

Focus Ireland said homeless shelters are stretched, with local authorities struggling with rising homeless numbers.

Focus Ireland Director of Advocacy Mike Allen said: “There are virtually no free beds in emergency homeless accommodation and all local authorities are facing huge problems in increasing supply of emergency shelter.

“The Government has essentially decided to live with a level of street homelessness which has never been considered tolerable before. This may well involve children as well as adults.

“The Irish public have made it very clear over many years that do not accept that people should be forced to sleep rough, and it is almost inevitable that the Government will face increasing pressure over the coming months to reconsider this decision and re-introduce some form of new eviction ban.”

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