Friday, March 10, 2023


Fifth year LCPE students, l to r, Eoin Myers, Charlie Mead, Chacho (Cupid) Makiwa, Shauna from Bodywhys, Andrew Vint, Tobi Salimon and Aidan Goss



By Elizabeth Lee

AS PART of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, staff and students of St Mary’s Academy CBS were delighted to welcome Shauna McGroarty from Bodywhys, the Eating Disorders Association of Ireland, to the school recently.

Bodywhys’ mission is to ensure support, awareness and understanding of eating disorders among the wider community as well as advocating for the rights and healthcare needs of people affected by eating disorders.

Shauna spoke to transition year students and LCPE classes about eating disorders and body image. She informed them of how and where they can access help and, very importantly, she advised them how to best support others if they feel they may be struggling with body image or an eating disorder. It was an excellent, informative talk, which everyone enjoyed.



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