Monday, March 13, 2023

A new group has been established that aims to keep Carlow an inclusive and welcoming place in the face of “far-right agitators”. The Carlow For All group will hold a solidarity rally this Wednesday at the Liberty Tree at 2.30pm, 30 minutes before a ‘Carlow Says No’ protest.

The Carlow For All group consists of various migrant groups alongside representatives of the Traveller community and native Carlovians.

Spokesman Simon Lewis said: “Carlow For All is committed to fighting for better housing, healthcare and services for everyone in Carlow. We reject any attempts to sow division in our community and condemn the scapegoating of any minority groups. Carlow has always been a welcoming county and is home to many different nationalities. We want to ensure people continue to feel safe on our streets. We also recognise the many Irish who have benefited from immigrating to new countries.”

Mr Lewis added: “While we recognise there is some genuine anger out there about the lack of available accommodation and services we should not lay the blame for this on vulnerable groups. We also reject the misinformation that is widely being shared online. Asylum seekers are one of the most heavily vetted groups in Ireland. We have organised a family-friendly solidarity rally next Wednesday at 2.30pm at the Liberty Tree. We want to invite everybody to attend to celebrate Carlow’s diversity.”


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