Wednesday, March 15, 2023

James Cox

Almost two thirds (65 per cent) of parents spend up to two hours a week thinking about their home’s energy efficiency, according to a report.

New research by Bord Gáis Energy included 750 parents in Ireland. It found 56 per cent of parents said their children are the least energy efficient in the home while 26 per cent say their partner is the least mindful of energy usage.

The research was carried out to launch See it, Solve it, a new campaign from Bord Gáis Energy which aims to help customers to imagine a better way to use energy at home and live more affordably and sustainably.

The campaign was launched on Tuesday by TV presenter and podcaster Hector Ó h’Eochagáin, including a new TV ad that was a carbon neutral production, tellinf the story of a little girl called Nell and her dog Jackie.

The campaign was launched on Tuesday by TV presenter and podcaster Hector Ó h’Eochagáin.

In the ad, Nell and Jackie go on an adventure throughout their home to find out how their family use their energy before presenting their findings to a Bord Gáis Energy expert. Hector provides the voiceover for the campaign.

As consumers find themselves “increasingly in need of more energy efficient solutions for their homes, Bord Gáis Energy now offers home energy management services which not only advise on the various energy efficient options available but can also cover installation and service needs”.

Home improvements

Of those questioned, over a third (38 per cent) say they have made home energy improvements to their home in recent months and have seen several positive changes including a warmer home in the winter (41 per cent) and a reduction in energy bills (28 per cent). The most common energy upgrades are:

  • 48 per cent upgraded windows.
  • 36 per cent upgraded doors.
  • 30 per cent installed wall insulation.
  • 23 per cent installed solar panels.
  • 18 per cent installed a heat pump.

Leaving appliances on standby has been the source of an argument for 44 per cent. Leaving the lights on is the most common energy efficiency fail, with 83 per cent admitting this happens in their home. This is followed by leaving doors open (68 per cent), leaving appliances on standby (59 per cent), leaving items plugged in (55 per cent) and wasting hot water (44 per cent).

Almost three quarters (73 per cent) believe that it’s important to do their bit at home to help mitigate the impact of climate change.

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