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Students in Presentation College, Carlow, preparing for EU day , with their German teacher, Una Byrne.
Ms. Byrne, Aimee Nolan, Natalia, Lawniczak, Katie Lowry, Mia Davis Fitzgerald, Molly Hillard, Katy Kelly, Clodagh Broderick, Natalia Maciocha-Doyle, Conor McDaid, Timas Vidiksis, Cormac Canavan, Oscar Frayne, Calum Joyce, Rhys Whelan and Joseph Custerson


Some of the second year CSPE class involved in setting up the displays. From right: Karina Tai, Sophie Mc Donald – junior EPAS ambassador, Natalia Maciocha-Doyle,  junior EPAS ambassador, Celina Whelan, Evelyn Wigley, Tamati Ratahi, Tobias Streba, Timas Vidiksis and teacher, Una Byrne

Natalia Maciocha-Doyle from Presentation College, Carlow, addresses the assembly supported by Timas Vidiksis. Photo by: John Hennessy 



Evelyn Wigley and Celina Whelan at the EU display in Presentation College, Carlow



By Michael Finn and Natalia Maciocha-Doyle (Second Year)

Second Year class at Presentation College Carlow have been involved in the European Parlament Ambassador School Programme since September, and having completed the required modules, the class decided to hold an awareness-raising event on 28 March.

The event featured a range of activities and attractions that drew the attention of the entire school community. One of the many hightlights was a quiz, which was won by Molly Hillard.

A game called Kahoot that the second year students had created also featured. It covered various topics, ranging from history to current events in the EU, and provided a fun and interactive way for students to share their knowledge.

In addition to the Kahoot game, the second year class created numerous posters that showcased their artistic abilities and creativity. The posters were displayed around the school, promoting the event and inviting students to attend. Each poster was unique, featuring different designs, colours, and themes, and served as a testament to the students’ dedication to making the event a success.

They also set up a face painting booth, featuring various designs, ranging from animals to superheroes. This provided a fun way to engage with other students and showcase the second year students’ creativity and artistic skills.

To highlight the diversity of the school community, the event also featured flags from various countries around the world. The flags were displayed in the school’s main hall, serving as a reminder that despite our differences, we were all part of the same school community and shared a common goal of learning and growing together.

Overall, the event organized by the second year class was a resounding success, with a range of activities and attractions that showcased the students’ creativity, teamwork, and dedication. It was an opportunity for them to demonstrate their talents, celebrate the diversity of the school community and celebrate Ireland being in the EU for 50 years.

On 28 April two of the junior ambassadors Natalia Maciocha Doyle and Timis Vidiksis went to Dublin to represent the school in the Ambassador School Award Ceremony. They were accompanied by teacher Una Byrne, and deputy principal and politics and society teacher, Gary Carley.

Natalia spoke about the school’s involvement in the programme and about the awareness-raising day. The students were delighted to attend this event and have the opportunity to meet with MEPs Frances Fitzgerald and Barry Andrews.



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