Monday, May 08, 2023

An increase in insurance premiums, the cost of Gerry Hutch’s legal fees and a hit to the tourism in industry is among today’s headlines.

The Irish Times leads with a secret deal between the state and the RAF to help protect Irish skies, with a photo of the cast of The Banshees of Inisherin at last night’s IFTA awards.

The Irish Examiner reports that Insurance premiums are set to rise dur to the impact of climate change, with financial aid possibly needed from the Government in the future.


The Echo leads with the announcement that mental health charity Pietà is set to open a new centre in Cork to combat the growing number of people who need mental health services in the country.


The Irish Independet reports that the tourism sector is set to miss out on €1 billion due to a lack of hotel beds across the country this summer.

The Irish Daily Star leads with Gerry Hutch, who is set to challenge the state to pay his legal fees to cover his recent trial.

The papers on the bank holiday Monday predominantly focus on the Coronation Concert of the night before.

The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Express and The Sun all feature the Prince of Wales’ on-stage tribute to his father.

The Daily Mail, The Times and the Daily Mirror carry the same line.

Adopting a slightly different angle, the i carries a poll which found Brits are narrowly divided over whether the King should be more vocal and campaign on political issues that he believes in.

Away from the pomp and pageantry, The Guardian reports that NHS patients are developing cancer due to long waits, according to a top GP.

And the Daily Star is on a different planet, writing that women have reportedly been found to make better astronauts.

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