Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The magnificent Aghade Bridge, Tullow 


By Suzanne Pender

THE Carlow public are being denied access to two of the county’s most scenic beauty spots.

Access to Aghade and Ballinakelly Woods were raised at the May meeting of Carlow County Council by cllr John Pender, who asked if any progress was being made to resolve the access issues at both locations.

Cllr Charlie Murphy remarked that right-of-way access at Aghade alongside the River Slaney was “blocked up” some time ago and Carlow County Council issued an enforcement notice.

“I’m a bit surprise by what I’m hearing; the enforcement notice was issued, but there was no resolution, and nothing happened over the 12-week period of the enforcement notice,” said cllr Murphy.

“Now we may be back to square one and we might have to start all over again. There’s a lot of upset about this in the area and I know there’s a petition going to get access,” he said.

Urging officials to resolve the problem, cllr Murphy said: “People have been using that track for years going to school, even before the bridge was built. We are going to have to go now and get some result there.”

Acting director of services Kieran Cullinane described the situation at Aghade as “a live enforcement”, but assured he would follow up on the matter.

In relation to Ballinakelly Woods, cllr Pender confirmed that while the wood was located in Co Carlow, access to it was located in Co Kildare. He urged officials to seek a solution and enter into talks “with your counterparts in Kildare”.

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