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Hanna Pedini, a second year student in St Leo’s College, Carlow, was inspired by a school tour to Paris to write a poem about the experience

HANNA Pedini, a second-year student in St Leo’s College, was so inspired by a recent school tour to Paris that she wrote a poem about her experience.


Voyage Paris 2023


From Carlow Garda Station to Charles de Gaulle, it was a long oul trek, but it was worth the haul.

Flying over Paris was all so surreal, ’twas like hitting the jackpot on a mystery wheel.


Driving through the streets of wonderful Paris, mais ça n’aurait pas été aussi bien sans mes amis.

The l’Arc de Triompe dating back to 1806,

When Napoleon ordered the lay of the first bricks.


’Twas at the heart of the Champs Elysée,

une belle journée il ne faisait pas froid.

Not forgetting the boat trip along the River Seine,

I would go back on the boat time and again.


Sailing down the river with all the beautiful scenery,

mais ça n’aurait pas été aussi bien sans mes amis.

Then a long drive back to the dream castle hotel,

With a couple snacks along the way as well.


Lights out now, twas almost half eleven, as we dreaded the thought to wake up and half seven.

Fast forward to the next morning we were going to climb the Eiffel tower, as we ate our way awake all the food was devoured.


Ewan and Jimmy then drove us and we were along our way, as we sat in the bus the music started to play.

We came across some venders selling some Eiffel Tower key rings.

The venders said: “Ireland is number one,” ah sure twas a bit of crack and lots of fun.


Then we got in a queue to walk up the tower,
We were lucky the queue wasn’t too bad some people were waiting hours.
Then a couple of teachers took our BeReals,
Walking up the Eiffel Tower was all so surreal.


Then we made it to the top, high in the sky,
It’s something we will all remember
til the day we die.
There was a little shop I got a French flag badge, then we saw a couple of really fit lads.
There were so many beautiful architectural buildings to see,
mais ça n’aurait pas été aussi bien sans mes amis.


Flams was questionable, to be fair,
But Ciara and I were too hungry to care.
Then back to the hotel it was another long oul day, but tomorrow is Disneyland, hurray-hurray.


The first ride we went on was ratatouille, we all got split up but thank God Chloe got put beside me.
Next we went on the rollercoaster called crush as Ciara met this really cute lad,
As we waited in line with nerves, ah sure it wasn’t too bad.


Suddenly we were going up a huge slope backwards I was screaming in fear the poor people beside me.
I grabbed Ciara’s hand about mid-ride as we were both in fear fairly terrified.
The ride was actually as bad we thought it would be,
mais ça n’aurait pas été aussi bien sans mes amis.


Then we went on the likes of Dumbo and the Pirates of the Caribbean, until this couple caught my eye begod I let out a scream.
We ran over to them (Katie and I) then when I realised who they were I almost started to cry.
I asked them for a picture with us, they were really swee,t and then there was me crying trying to stay standing on feet.


Then we came across Miss Dwyer, as my heart was racing after meeting Mathew and Ryan.
They were all laughing as I stood there crying.

Ah sure twas lots of crack, how I wish we all had them moments back.


The last day of our venture was a meaningful one for me
As we went to
Sacré-Cœur peaceful as can be.
I lit a candle in thanksgiving for we were blessed for this trip, as we finally disembark from our wonderful adventure, I’ve made memories that will be with me forever and ever.


I’ll definitely be back to beautiful Paris,
mais ça n’aurait pas été aussi bien sans mes amis.
This trip was really magical without a doubt until next time class of 2023 signing out!








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