Slinky Slimmers over 21.5 tonnes lighter this Christmas!


Local Slimming World members are celebrating this Christmas with the loss of 3,386 stone (47,409 lbs) between them since January ‘14. “We are so proud of all our members who are literally changing their lives one extra easy, tasty meal at a time” says Bagenalstown Consultant Maria Porter.


Sinead Tynan Connolly, who runs the group in Baltinglass beams when talking of her members “The determination and commitment to their weight loss is awe inspiring and the great thing is they are having fun while doing it!!” As we all know, unless you slightly alter the way you shop, cook and eat, nothing is going to change, but with Slimming World these are small changes that make massive differences.

“The key to sticking to a healthy eating plan and watching the pounds fall off is not counting calories or weighing and measuring portions, the secret is to enjoy lots of great filling foods like fresh fruit and veg, lean meat, poultry, fish, and even rice, potatoes and pasta.”

This is how Consultant Michelle Harrington did it. No food is off the menu in SW, everything from cooked breakfasts to plenty of meat and potatoes for dinner and even your usual glass of wine or favourite chocolate bar can be enjoyed every single day.

But for those who think ‘Oh what about the exercise bit? Because I don’t do any’, don’t fear as SW’s body magic is introduced in small easy steps and only when you are comfortable and ready for it. When you add the exercise and food together it’s the perfect combination. Unfortunately though, most of us know that weight issues have a darker side.

Over the years many slimmer’s who have tried other methods, throw in the towel saying they ‘felt restricted’ and ‘always hungry’ and when they ‘give in’ to their favourite treats, that are usually a ‘no no’, feel an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame. This in turn can start a cycle of comfort eating, more weight gain and sometimes in the end depression, which can bring a whole lot more problems. This is a cycle that Carlow Consultant Jennifer McGinn knows all too well. “Guilt, shame and a sense of worthlessness are all very powerful feelings that can really bring us down, we all do our very best to show our members how to overcome a lifetime of feeling this way and we can successfully do this because of our own personal experiences”. 

Another Carlow Consultant, Christina Phelan, speaks fondly of the team of consultants she heads, many of whom were and still are members in her group. “To have someone join your group, transform right in front of you, and I don’t just mean physically but mentally and emotionally also, and then go on to help others do the same is amazing. It’s not just about the food and exercise. It’s also about the right support from the beginning, the ‘complete package’ as I call it. The ‘knock on’ effect it has in all parts of life is unbelievable, from the confidence to go for that dream job or being able to conceive that long awaited for baby. It is our unique type of support that has helped all these members to achieve such amazing things, in a nutshell, to live life to the fullest”.

Slimming World groups take place across the country on various days and times. One member says “I love Slimming World so much because it’s not a diet and I am never hungry. I have also brought along a few friends to join and when I can’t get to my own group, I am always welcome at any of the other groups.”

So why not start 2015 with a bang and get on the road to where you want to be with your weight. To find out more about your local group go to You will be warmly welcomed in whichever one suits you best.