Blessing’s Blog – All-Freshman (A Bittersweet Ending)

BEING named on Conference USA’s All-Freshman Team (2020/21 Season) while in Houston preparing for the Conference Tournament has to be the best way to get such good news. Because of the changes in my role this season, I was surprised...

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Blessing’s Blog: Head To The Top

MAKING history is something that every player dreams of. On Sunday, we had the chance to do just that. Going into our game against the University of North Texas, we had a losing streak against them of 5-0 over the...

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Blessing’s Blog: Winning the Battle

OUR game against the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) was my first away game with Southern Miss that...

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Blessing’s Blog: Right back on track

AHEAD of our game against University of Texas at El Paso, each player knew we would have to battle to...

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Blessing’s Blog: Destined to Win  

AFTER our previous win on Wednesday, recovery was our main concern. It is key if you want to consistently play...

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BLESSING’S BLOG: Becoming a full-time student athlete

WAKE up at 5.30am, get to the dressing room at 6am, train at 7am, finish and get showered before 9am,...

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