Leasing cost rise for Carlow County Council

The average cost of leasing social housing shot up by over 20 % for Carlow County Council in a 12 month period. According to new figures, the average annual cost of leasing a building under the social leasing programme for...

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House building in Ardattin put on hold

PROPOSED houses for Ardattin remain in limbo after concerns were raised by Irish Water. Cllr Charlie Murphy criticised delays in progressing 12 houses in Ardattin at September’s meeting of the county council. “It’s stuck and stuck solid,” he said. “It...

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All-Ireland ‘NHS’ idea shot down

A PROPOSAL for an all-Ireland NHS was rejected at a meeting of Carlow County Council. People Before Profit’s Adrienne Wallace...

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By-laws on control of horses in Carlow deferred after questions raised

NEW by-laws that would ban horses being kept in urban areas in Carlow will not go on public display due...

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Delays in granting tree-felling licences could cost Carlow jobs

OBJECTIONS to the granting of forestry felling licences could threaten jobs in Carlow. That claim was made at last week’s...

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Glowing praise for new Carlow skate park

THE new skate park in Carlow town received glowing praise at September’s meeting of the county council. Cllr Fergal Browne...

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