Carlow defendant has a ‘touch of Richard Branson’ about him

A JUDGE noted that a young defendant who faced multiple drugs charges had a “touch of Richard Branson” about him, but it was “not in the right direction”. The 20-year-old Carlow man pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of...

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Carlow man accused of saying ‘f**k you’ to garda says he was ‘blaguarding’

A CARLOW man accused of saying ‘f**k you’ to a passing garda claimed instead he had been ‘blaguarding’ a friend on a video call. Niall Davis (29) of College Green, Carlow was convicted of a charge of threatening/abusive/insulting behaviour on...

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Carlow woman had ‘no remorse’ for having €4,300 worth of heroin

A CARLOW woman who showed ‘no remorse’ for the possession of over €4,000 worth of heroin was given a seven-month...

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Second man charged over alleged Carlow post office deception

A SECOND man has been charged in connection with an alleged attempt at deception at a Carlow post office. Gareth...

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Released prisoner was back in Carlow court within 24 hours

A CARLOW woman who was released from custody after lodging an appeal last Wednesday committed four thefts and was back...

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Man charged with attempted deception at a Carlow post office is sent forward for trial

A MAN charged with attempted deception at a Carlow post office was sent forward for trial to the circuit court...

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